24 Things before 24

The following is a list of 24 things that I aim to achieve/do before I turn 24 in 2019.

  1. Devour at least 25 books
  2. Build 5 systems such that there are at least 25 users per system
  3. Learn to sell your skills
  4. Get basic professional training in Singing
  5. Take part in a Kaggle Competition
  6. Complete the courses started on Udacity
  7. Invest money in a company
  8. Make/Design your own font
  9. Learn and understand the basics of Fitness
  10. Build your own Neural Network
  11. Automate a menial task in someone's life
  12. Have 3 technical publications
  13. Learn to read, speak and write a romantic language
  14. Get in the routine of waking up at 08:00 AM everyday (do it for at least a month)
  15. Brew your own Beer
  16. Setup your own server rack
  17. Win (i.e. Top 20 or Top 1% rank) a Kaggle Competition
  18. Learn to speed read
  19. Memorize the first 10 digits of Pi
  20. Have PC usage less than 9 hours a day
  21. Do a reset of internet accounts
  22. Build and mantain a Portfolio (mayankv.com)
  23. Release your own framework on Github or Gitlab
  24. Play a little dangerously and invest in stocks